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River Action responds to Autumn Statement

Responding to the Autumn Statement, CEO of River Action James Wallace said, “In today’s Autumn Statement the Government has committed to supporting neutrality mitigation proposals which they say will protect the environment and allow housebuilders to deliver high quality...
River Action calls on Environment Minister to reveal promised plans to save the River Wye from ecological collapse

Environmental campaign group River Action has written to the newly appointed Secretary of State for Environment, Food & Rural Affairs seeking urgent clarification on when DEFRA will publish its promised emergency plan to save the River Wye from ecological collapse.
River Action’s Response to the King’s Speech

Responding to the King’s Speech, CEO of River Action James Wallace said, “After numerous briefings that the Government were planning to press ahead with ditching river protections, we welcome the absence of a return to the ridiculous idea that we can’t have home building...
River Action call for Thames Water to wake up to climate change and fix its creaking infrastructure, after water treatment failure in Surrey leaves customers needing bottled water

Responding to the major incident declared by Thames Water following the Shalford wastewater treatment works failed on Saturday 4th Nov, CEO of River Action James Wallace says, “By its own admission, Thames Water has been forced to distribute nearly 500,000 litres of bott...
Storm Ciarán: Britain’s rivers at risk of saturation from deadly cocktail of pollutants

A cocktail of pollutants will freely enter the UK’s rivers because of Storm Ciarán, heaping more misery on our ecologically degraded rivers, warns River Action.
River Action wins landmark court ruling

High Court grants consent for River Action to pursue Judicial Review over Environment Agency’s failure to protect River Wye from agricultural pollution.
River Action's Statement in reaction to OEP announcement on ongoing CSO investigation

In response to the announcement that the Office for Environmental Protection is investigating the Government, OFWAT and the Environment Agency over their failure to take action on storm overflows of sewage into rivers.    
River Action demands the immediate publication of environmental mitigation plans by the River Wye’s 2nd largest poultry producer

Celebrities join forces with campaign group River Action, to engage the public in Britain’s river pollution crisis and freshwater emergency with new animation series.

In just three words, ‘This is Sh*t’ and a more PG-friendly version ‘This is Poo’, the animations summarise the outrage felt by communities across the nation about river pollution and their demand for the Government to prioritise rescuing rivers everywhere.  They tell the...
Henley Rowers and Local Community Expose Sewage Pollution of the River Thames

Today, River Action and residents of Henley-on-Thames have released findings of one of the most intensive citizen science programmes to have been conducted in the UK, testing the River Thames at Henley for levels of phosphate, nitrate and harmful bacteria. Testing was un...